CentOS7安装思源黑体(Source Han Sans)方法

2017-05-21 18:06:36

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因为要视频在服务器上面打上中文字幕,所以需要装一款中文字体。看着前端时间非常火的思源黑体 (Source Han Sans) 并且免费开源的字体,于是我将这款字体装到了操作系统为CentOS7的这台机子上面了。

思源黑体是一套 OpenType/CFF 泛中日韩字体。所谓OpenType,其实就是OTF这种格式的文件。让人高兴的事CentOS上面有原生支持(Windows似乎没有),也难怪叫做Open。


生命的意义 开篇

2017-05-04 21:29:59


生命的意义(meaning of life)——这是一个哲学家们经常讨论的问题,也似乎是一个非常重要、迫切的问题。相信很多人都曾经思考过、寻找过。




2017-03-26 21:48:47

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我一直想当php-fpm或者hhvm挂掉的时候nginx能够提供cache的旧页面,但是fastcgi_cache_use_stale的参数似乎不起作用,今天仔细地读了一个nginx的文档。为了实现这个目的,我们需要用的是fastcgi_cache_use_stale 中 error这个参数,然而error这个参数的说明中提到了一句话

EECS3214 Computer Network Protocols and Applications

2017-01-10 9:49:23

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This course includes TCP/IP architecture. 这是一门有关网络的基础课程,主要涉及Layer3-5。

This course introduce very fundamental network knowledges. It covers some old technology but that is very critical.

We will study the TCP/IP protocol through out the whole course. Advance topics includes P2P system, multimedia communication (VoIP), network security(IPSec SSL), wireless sensor networks. Top-down approach. Start from top(Application) to bot(Network). More algorithmic. More programming.

Simple core, but complex edges.

EECS2011 Fundamentals of Data Structures

2016-12-08 17:22:52

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数据结构课程,其实用Java而不是用C / PASCAL来讲让我有点不太适应。

This content is for YorkU EECS 2011. As usual, I will post some "interesting" course note. This course is not that difficult. And our prof's ppt is so nice. Try not to miss any lecture and you will learn a lot from him. My professor is Andy Mirzaian.



2016-12-07 15:02:25

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网上现在大部分的教程(包括苹果官方的CloudKit Quick Start)讲述的都是一种简易的方法(convience methods),我这里将要讲述的是如何有效使用队列进行数据库操作,使得操作更加有效规范可控。


EECS2031 Software Tools

2016-09-12 14:44:06

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This course introduces very very fundamental C/shell programming skills on linux.

We are using C89 standard in this  EECS 2031 course. That means you cannot declare the iterator variable in a for loop. And you should be very careful when you are trying to copy any C code from Google or Stack Overflow. Because those code fragments might be written in C with C99 standard or Cpp. Professor is very nice but TAs are not that efficient. We have to wait a long time for the grading.

EECS2030 Advanced Object Oriented Programming

2016-06-11 23:24:31

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This content is for YorkU EECS 2030. I took this course in summer 2016. My professor Navid Mohaghegh is a very nice professor. I do strongly recommend his course.