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What you should do after you got a new machine?

2023-09-05 0:05:54

[开发运维 | Dev Ops] ,

The following steps can help improve your machine's network performance. One way to improve your machine's network performance is by adjusting the TCP windows and using a better congestion control algorithm. In addition to improving network performance, it may be necessary to prepare your environment for using Kubernetes as well.


EECS2031 Software Tools

2016-09-12 14:44:06

[专业笔记 | Academic] , , ,

This course introduces very very fundamental C/shell programming skills on linux.

We are using C89 standard in this  EECS 2031 course. That means you cannot declare the iterator variable in a for loop. And you should be very careful when you are trying to copy any C code from Google or Stack Overflow. Because those code fragments might be written in C with C99 standard or Cpp. Professor is very nice but TAs are not that efficient. We have to wait a long time for the grading.

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